ladies of vision (l.o.v.)

L.O.V. - Meet the 3rd Sat of each month

It's so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day routines, that if we're not careful, we can neglect the things that are truly important to us. L.O.V. is a place where women of all ages can get together for a time of rejuvenation as we build ourselves in the Word, while focusing on areas of life that pertain to us as Godly women. 

The "Ladies of Vision" meet once a month and are edified and challenged, through practical teachings, group prayer, discussion times and social activities. There is also a time set aside for small groups where the ladies can share their goals, dreams and aspirations, and also focus on the relationships in their lives that are most important so they can be kept accountable by their group members.

Everyone needs a friend. At L.O.V. we endeavour to build lasting relationships with women of like precious faith as we grow in our knowledge and understanding of God.